Sunway Silk 2023

Sunway SILK 2023 will be focusing more areas on Selangor and also Kuala Lumpur. The session and modules delivery will be shorten to 3 times meeting which covered all the theory, practical and capacity building modules. This time we aim to nurture the interest of the youth in agricultural field by introducing a module that make them easier and interested in modern farming through recycling items.

Seeding module

  • Pre-seeding preparation
  • Farming with recycling items
  • Theory of agriculture

Capacity-building module

  • Leadership skill
  • Teamwork skill
  • Entrepreneurial skill

Harvesting module

  • Method of harvesting
  • Post-harvest care
  • Cleaning set


  1. Provide sustainable and healthy food supply chain to shelter homes;
  2. Instill and nurturing the interest of agricultural field to the youngsters.
  3. Provide technical and interpersonal skills (leadership, teambuilding);
  4. Entrepreneurial opportunity.

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