SAY x Sunway Raya Cheers 2023

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A celebration of Ramadhan season to give cheerful joys to selected homes through sharing and giving of donations consisting of groceries, financial contribution, and baju raya shopping to all of the children.

About Sunway Raya Cheers

A celebration of festive season organized by Sunway  Group in partnership with SAY under its brand  #SunwayForGood. SAY has worked with Sunway for  Raya Cheers since 2018 until 2022 that benefited more  than 1,500 underserved communities in the past years.

About the Homes

Every year we will select 4 to 5 homes across Selangor  that we have not yet engaged previously to provide  relief assistance to these homes while also bringing  festive cheers to the kids through this visit and  donations. The homes will be finalised three weeks  before Ramadhan starts.


  • Serves as a platform for Sunway to contribute to the society through their #SunwayforGood campaign
  • To engage with underprivileged and marginalised  community during Ramadhan


  • TPS to join the iftar jamaie with the children at Sunway Resort Hotel.
  • TPS to give out donations with Sunway rep.

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